The power of BTS’ “Purple Line” – Sasaeng fans’ culture has changed

This special campaign from BTS and ARMYs has contributed in changing the fans’ culture.

On October 24th, a line of people wearing purple shirts appeared at the Incheon International Airport when the BTS arrived in Korea after their world tour. They held signs that said, “BTS and ARMYs will protect each other” and “No Body Contact, Proximity and Stalking,” and cheered for the members of BTS who were coming from far away.

It is part of the ‘Purple Campaign’ held by the ARMYs, BTS’ official fan club. It is a campaign organized to prevent Hallyu stars including BTS, from being damaged by some extreme fans and unnecessary physical contact between bodyguards who try to protect them and fans who approach them excessively.

It started out as ‘Bangpe Project’, which appeared on a SNS account in September 2016. “Bangpe” was a synonym of “Bangtan Face”, meaning that fans wanted to establish a more proper cheering culture. The BTS’ members were touched with a surprise event as a purple envelope with a glow-in-the-dark bar in November that year. “I hope I can see this forever like that,” said V, who saw this as his favorite color.

The start-up “Purple campaign” is being practiced beyond Korea through the ARMYs around the world. On entering Moscow in June 2014, local fans welcomed BTS with applause after voluntarily forming the line, and even when they were in Mexico, they held hands to maintain the distance with BTS.

BTS and ARMYs’ “purple” campaign is exemplified in a situation where the damage to idols from the so-called “casual fan” is skyrocketing. Compared to the rapid growth rate of Hallyu stars and contents, the growth rate of the mental culture that accommodates them has slowed down, and BTS and ARMYs are leading the way in building a healthy fan culture.

“We are greatly pleased with the fact that our fans voluntarily organized a campaign when we visited L.A to attend the Billboard Awards in the U.S. this year and when we arrived at Incheon Airport,” BTS’ agency Big Height Entertainment said.

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