“I followed her to the US”… 4 Korean celebrities’ unrequited love stories

Korean stars talked about their experience of having one-sided love. 

Many stars have recalled memories of their unrequited love on entertainment programs. Their candid past stories brought surprises and laughter to viewers, and sometimes deeply moved them. Rapper Lee Young Ji and IU drew attention by revealing that they turned their unfulfilled love stories into songs.

Lee Young Ji expressed her feelings through the song “Freesia”

Lee Young Ji had unrequited feelings for Layone (Rae Won) in the past. When she guested on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, she mentioned Layone and said, “I liked that friend. It was a one-sided crush and he turned me down. So I put my feelings into a song called ‘Freesia’. After 5 months of being rejected, I thought, ‘I forgot all about him. Let’s just make a song out of this.’ I seriously liked him (Layone) and devoted my youth to him.”

Lee Young-ji

Lim Do Hyung fell in love on “Mr. Trot” 

Trot singer Lim Do Hyung also showed off his cute charm with his unrequited love experience. In a past broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Wife”, he confessed, “I experienced one-sided love when I appeared on ‘Mr. Trot’. I liked the person who did my makeup.” Healso mentioned the memories of that time in SBS’ “My Little Old Boy” and said, “If we are meant to be, we can see each other someday, right?”

Lim Do-hyung

Jung Jae Ho decided to study abroad with his unrequited love

TV personality and singer Jung Jae Ho shared in KBS Joy’s “Love Interference season 3” that his crush in high school went to the US to study, and he followed her.

Jung Jae-ho

“I prepared for three months and went to study in the US, but the young me was foolish and didn’t research in advance. I thought I’d see her if we are in the same country, but the US was too wide for that”, the up-and-coming celebrity said. 

IU wrote the sad song “Voice Mail”

On MBC Music’s “Picnic Live”, the famous idol-actress talked about her love confession before debut, saying: “It happened in winter. I wrote a song and confessed that I liked him. But he only replied “I know”. Heartbroken, I hung up the phone and gave up on him.” 


IU also added that her song “Voice Mail” was written based on this unrequited love of hers. Even now, the idol-actress still finds “Voice Mail” extremely heart-rending. 

Source: Nate

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