The old golden age of BTS Jungkook suddenly became the talk of the town after 9 years of BTS’s debut

Many fans are nostalgic about BTS Jungkook at the beginning of his debut.

Recently, BTS announced the release of the anthology album ‘Proof’ to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary with 3 new songs. In this album, BTS and ARMYs will together look back at the journey and memories they’ve experienced together during the past 9 years and create a new path with new and brighter dreams for the future.

BTS’s upcoming anthology album

This album recalls the beautiful memories that ARMYs have spent with BTS in the past 9 years. In particular, one of the most viral topics of this topic on Korean Twitter is the image of Jungkook in the early years of BTS’s career. In the early years of their debut, BTS chose a tough, strong concept and the golden maknae Jungkook, in addition to his smooth voice, also has an impressive rapping ability, something that is rarely shown in the group’s later products.

Jungkook’s rap part in BTS’s debut MV “No More Dream”

Jungkook owns many impressive rap parts in BTS’s songs like Attack On Bangtan, We Are Bulletproof: Pt 2, No More Dream, N.O… Jungkook’s rap parts in old BTS‘s MVs or stages are currently widely shared on SNS. According to many fans, this is definitely the golden era of BTS Jungkook. Many ARMYs also expressed their desire to see BTS’ maknae in this image again, showing off his excellent rapping skills in the new album.

Jungkook’s rap line in No More Dream
BTS’s debut stage
Rapper Jungkook, please come back soon!
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