The most unsuitable changes of hair-color by Kpop idols: Not all hair colors suit the goddesses

“Your hair and teeth tell me who you are” – this saying has never been wrong. No matter how pretty your face is, bad hair will stop you from being perfect.

Many fans believe that a beautiful face can “get along well” with any hairstyle. The harsh truth is, even a Goddess cannot look good in every hairstyle.

Nancy (Momoland)

Being the new generation’s “fancam queen” and also the one that receives so much attention from K-biz, so every little change from Nancy would make netizens discuss. Recently, many fans have talked about her green hair in the new song’s promotion. This change is too surprising. However, the green hair makes her look more like a “bad girl” and less pretty than her long black hair.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Before, when Joy dyed her hair in yellow with bangs, many fans said her hair looked a little bit “silly”. They believed there is only black hair that can get along with her. Short hair or long hair doesn’t really matter if it’s black because it is much more attractive than dyed hair.


red velvet joy hair 2092021


Hani (EXID)

Short hair makes Hani look strong and more active, but most of fans believe that she is the most beautiful with long hair. Netizens say that short hair makes it easier for people to recognize her bold personality, while long hair can make her look feminine, attractive and also mature and active.

The paradox of K-biz: Good-looking idols are popular and unattractive ones also become phenomenas
The viral fancam of Hani

Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung is the member to frequently change her hairstyle the most in TWICE. However, Chaeyoung’s latest orange hair disappointed many fans because of the orange color of it doesn’t suit her skin tone. In addition, her new orange hair accidentally associated with the previous hair color of Lisa (Black Pink) and that caused a fan war between the two fandoms of TWICE and Black Pink.

Now have you all understood the “power” of a hairstyle yet? You change your hair to a unsuitable style or color, and then no matter how beautiful you are, your looks are definitely affected. So according to you, which one is the female idol with the worst hairstyle among the 5 idols on the list?

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