152cm Kim Shin Young, 173cm Jang Won Young,187cm Na In Woo: the MCs of KBS Song Festival resemble a wifi logo

Comedian Kim Shin Young faced quite a situation at KBS Song Festival, where her height gap with a co-MC amounted to 25 cm. 

On December 16th, the 2022 KBS Song Festival was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, and comedian Kim Shin Young, IVE Jang Won Young, and actor Na In Woo were in charge of hosting the year-end event. 

At the festival, Jang Won Young said, “It is such an honor to stand here. Like ‘Music Bank’, which informs the latest music trends in Korea, we will introduce all the most popular music in 2022 tonight.”

KBS Gayo Daechukje

Na In Woo also said, “It’s my first time standing on such a big stage, so I’m very nervous, but I assure you that today’s Song Festival can transcend generations and become an event that everyone can enjoy together, just like ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, which is watched by people of all ages.”

Meanwhile, after the stage of vocal group Koyote, Kim Shin Young turned to the camera director and questioned, “Did you manage to capture all of our faces into one screen? Our height is like a wifi logo. The two of them are too tall.”

Hearing this, Na In Woo made Kim Shin Young laugh by replying, “So there is a present prepared by the production team for Shin Young. Please show it now!”. 

KBS Gayo Daechukje

As it turns out, Kim Shin Young was given a stool to stand on, which she quickly climbed and said, “I didn’t know the air up here was so good. Let’s share good things together.” 

At the same time, Kim Shin Young brightened up the atmosphere of the year-end song festival by shouting, “All of our audiences, those who are watching on TV and those who are here at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, are you ready to enjoy?”

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