“The Little Mermaid” special effects artist sues Disney over inadequate access, resulting in on-set injury 

A special effects artist, Christine Overs, had a broken wrist on “The Little Mermaid” set in 2020. 

On August 18 (local time), Variety reports that Christine Overs, a special effects artist who is responsible for the magnificent lagoon scene in “The Little Mermaid,” sues Disney for $190,000 over an injury on the set of the movie. 

The Little Mermaid

The incident took place in October 2020 at Pinewood Studios. At the time, Overs was working on “The Little Mermaid” when she fell from a polystyrene step onto the concrete floor below and broke her wrist. In the injured’s words, the production company, Sandcastle Pictures, failed to “provide any adequate access to the set,” which inevitably led to the fall. 

As a result, Overs claims to have a “sustainable level of disability” that “ruins the final years of her career.” She had multiple steel pins inserted into her arm. The artist currently struggles with basic tasks such as doing buttons and zips. 

The Little Mermaid

Sandcastle Pictures, the production company in question working under the Walt Disney Company, has admitted responsibility but refuted some of Overs’ claims. 

Christine Overs has worked on several blockbusters such as “Golden Eye,” “Dune,” “Alien,” and “Superman IV.” 

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