“The Impossible Heir” Faces Controversy Over Hong Suzu Miscast Following Lee Jae-wook’s Dating News

Playing a lead role despite debuting late, actress Hong Suzu eventually faces criticism over her acting skills

Directed by “Touch” and “Missing: The Other Side” and “Insider” director Min Yeon-hong, Disney Plus’s “The Impossible Heir”, which depicts the story of characters trying to take the throne of Korea’s largest conglomerate, aired its first episode on February 28th.

The role of Na Hye-won, the daughter of a debt collector, in this drama is actually the first lead role of Hong Suzu. In episodes 1 and 2, Hogn Suzu had to express various emotions within a short amount of time. The actress needed to complete strong emotional lines in complicated scenes, such as growing up in a poor family, having a conflict with a violent mother, and also moments with Lee Jae-wook and Lee Jun-young.

The Impossible Heir

Hong Suzu is playing one character among the leading trio of “The Impossible Heir”, however, her acting performances are somewhat disappointing. First of all, her pronunciation is inaccurate. The way she says the line like a baby mumbling can be an advantage when playing cute college students or female characters in romantic dramas, but it does not go well with her character in this drama, which has a dark and gloomy mood. Playing a cold-hearted chaebol targeting the throne, the actress needs to correct her pronunciation immediately.


In addition, her facial expressions are also a problem. Her round eyes and consistent facial expressions actually made viewers feel frustrated when watching. Since the other two actors act so well, Hong Suzu should realize the weight and responsibility of her role as a leading character together with Lee Jae-wook and Lee Jun-young and improve her performance.

The drama has begun airing but viewers’ reactions are not significant. While being surrounded by articles about his romantic relationship with aespa’s Karina, Lee Jae-wook drew even more attention with the announcement of his contract expiry a day after the agency announced the plan to sue malicious commenters. In other words, Lee Jae-wook’s new drama is buried in news about his private life.

lee jae wook

The noises from the actor’s controversies eventually make the storyline become less persuasive. Hong Suzu’s sudden appearance and interference with Lee Jae-wook and Lee Joon-young, who become close friends after a fight, are said to be unconvincing. Despite being directed by a skillful director, the result still depends heavily on the characters’ acting. As such, Hong Suzu’s stiff expression and poor acting skills leave great regrets.

Source: Naver

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