“Moon in the Day” webtoon author “After visiting the drama set, I shifted from concerns to expectations”

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Moon in the Day”, which is based on the legendary Naver Webtoon of the same name, unveiled the interview with author Heyum

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Moon in the Day” tells the story of a man who is stuck in time after being killed by his lover, and a woman who has no memories of her past life and experiences time continuously.

Even after about 5 years since the webtoon ended, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many readers. Author Heyum shared her thoughts about the drama adaptation and a heartfelt message of support.

moon in the day

When author Heyum first heard the news about the drama adaptation of her webtoon, she felt a sense of realization that the drama was indeed being produced. Since her webtoon had been completed for quite some time, she was somewhat taken aback and still finds it surprising that there is ongoing interest in her work.

Initially, Heyum had more concerns than expectations regarding the drama adaptation due to the distinct characteristics of webtoons and dramas. However, after visiting the set and witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast and crew, she shifted from apprehension to anticipation. She especially looks forward to the possibility of the drama reaching a broader audience and rekindling interest in her work. She believes that having her work reinterpreted and reimagined is more satisfying than concluding it with a single ending.

Moon in the Day

Heyum was deeply impressed when visiting the filming location, where she encountered a large-scale production with many staff and actors working tirelessly. She noted the collaborative efforts and meticulous attention to detail in creating each scene. She acknowledged that most of her work is solitary, making her appreciate the collaborative efforts involved in producing a drama. She expressed her sincere support for the newly created “Moon in the Day” and hoped that it would bring joy to many viewers.

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Moon in the Day” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM on the ENA channel.

Source: Daum

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