“The Glory” Kim Jong Moon: The resented homeroom teacher more than the villain Park Yeon Jin herself 

Kim Jong Moon is currently the most hated character in the drama. 

The Glory” is a revenge drama following Moon Dong Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) journey to avenge herself by making her highschool bullies pay for what they did to her. 

Kim Jong Moon is the most hated character in “The Glory” 

Among Moon Dong Eun’s tormentors during her school years, the villain Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) perhaps was not the worst as there was Kim Jong Moon, Dong Eun’s homeroom teacher at Sunghan. 

Kim Jong Moon
Kim Jong Moon is the most loathsome character of “The Glory” 

When he saw Moon Dong Eun being hit and tortured, teacher Kim turned a blind eye and even took Park Yeon Jin’s side. When Moon Dong Eun submitted the dropout form due to the ongoing bullying, Kim Jong Moon said the most despicable thing such as, “Once in a while, friends hit each other, too” or “Did they break an arm or a leg?” 

When Moon Dong Eun asked him if he would be fine when his son got hit by his friends as hard as they could, he repeatedly hit her. In the end, it was Kim Jong Moon’s son that took his father’s life. 

Netizens’ reactions 

On social media, viewers are expressing their rage as well as contentment with the character’s demise, saying: “He strikes others brutally just for his child but ends up being killed by the same son,”  “I have not finished the series but I was angry just at the sight of it,” “It is the person like Kim Jong Moon that victims like Dong Eun have to suffer.”  

Source: K Love 

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