“The first Korean astronaut to set foot on the moon” becomes a hot topic because he is so handsome

Director Kim Yong Hwa’s next film “The Moon” confirmed its release on August 2nd and released a launching poster and a launching trailer.

“The Moon” revolves around a man who is left in space due to an unfortunate accident and another man on Earth who struggles to bring him back safely.

It has attracted attention from early on as the first space project of director Kim Yong Hwa, who directed the “Along with the Gods” series. It also added trust by casting trustworthy actors such as Sol Kyung Gu, Do Kyung Soo and Kim Hee Ae.

Sol Kyung Gu plays Jae Guk, the former director of the Space Center who struggles to save Seon Woo, who is left alone in space.

Do Kyung Soo takes on the role of Seon Woo, a space crew member who is isolated in the universe beyond 384,000 km.

Kim Hee Ae will add weight to the work by transforming into Moon Young Eun, the general director of the NASA space station.

The launching poster catches the eye with the familiar yet unfamiliar visuals of the moon and the appearance of a space crew member standing alone on the surface of the moon. The image of the first Korean astronaut to set foot on the moon’s surface evokes strange feelings and tension. The launching trailer raises curiosity about how a human being left alone in the huge universe will survive as the rescue request of the astronaut in crisis resonates over the awe-inspiring beautiful moon.

The movie “The Moon” is scheduled to be released on August 2nd.

Source: Daum

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