Tang Wei – Kim Tae Yong’s extraordinary conjugal love in China “It’s an honor to receive the award” (Director’s Cut Awards)

Actress Tang Wei and director Kim Tae Yong showed off their extraordinary conjugal love even in China.

The 21st Director’s Cut Awards was held at the Chungmu Art Center Convention Hall, Seoul on Feb 24th.

At the awards ceremony, which was broadcast live through Naver Now, Tang Wei won the “Best Actress in film” award thanks to director Park Chan Wook’s “Decision to Leave“.

Tang Wei

Tang Wei, who is filming in China, could not attend the awards ceremony. Director Bong Man Dae, who was in charge of hosting the event, attempted to communicate with director Kim Tae Yong through a video call.

After director Kim Tae Yong greeted, director Bong Man Dae caused laughter by responding, “We’ve been waiting for Tang Wei.”

Kim Tae-yong

Director Kim Tae Yong said, “Now I’m in Beijing. You must have expected Tang Wei, but I’m sorry that I’m the one who showed up.” When director Bong Man Dae asked “Is it true that you’re in China?”, director Kim Tae Yong said “I’ll show you” then showed the car navigation system.

Director Kim Tae Yong shared, “I’m honored to appear like this even though I’m not a winner or a presenter. I delivered the news of the award to Tang Wei.” When director Bong Man Dae asked “Are you with Tang Wei now?”, director Kim Tae Yong revealed, “We’re in separate places now. I’m in Beijing, and Tang Wei is in another city. I delivered the news of the award to her and she’ll greet you through a video.”

Tang Wei

Afterwards, a video of Tang Wei’s acceptance speech was released.

Through the video, Tang Wei said, “I heard that I won the ‘Best Actress in film’ award at the Director’s Cut Awards. Thank you for sending warm love to Seo Rae in ‘Decision to Leave’. I was able to work with director Park Chan Wook and I also received generous interest and support from you.”

She expressed her feelings, “I’ll continue to meet you in various ways. And I’ll continue to develop myself through my roles in the future. Thank you for your love.”

Meanwhile, “Decision to Leave” won 5 awards at the ceremony, including Best Actress in film (Tang Wei), Best Director in film (Park Chan Wook), Best Actor in film (Park Hae Il)…

Source: Nate

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