The first Korean actress to be named “The most beautiful face in the world”

Nana is the first Korean actress to be ranked at the top of the “!00 Most Beautiful Faces In The World”.

Nana ranked 2nd in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” selected by the American film criticism magazine “TC Candler” in 2014. It became a hot topic as she is the first Korean to reach second place, and in 2015, she rose up to the top of the list.


There is a lot of noise about the reliability of TC Candler, but it is certain that Nana has a beauty that is recognized worldwide.

In addition to her beauty, Nana also advanced to the finals of the 2009 Super Model Contest when she was an idol trainee with a ratio of 171cm and 48kg.

Later, she joined the girl group After School with Raina. Although she did not draw attention at first due to the large number of members in her group, she stood out in the unit group Orange Caramel, where three youngest members of After School gathered.


Orange Caramel was loved by the public for their refreshing and unique songs such as “Aing♡,” “Bangkok City,” and “Catallena.”

Nana is currently continuing her acting career. After making a successful acting debut in the 2016 drama “The Good Wife”, she received critical acclaim for her role as a con artist in the 2017 movie “The Swindlers.”

Nana built up her acting skills as a supporting actress. She starred in KBS’s dramas “Justice” and “Memorials” and won the Excellence Award (Actress) in a mini-series for two years in a row. 


Actress Nana, who continues to work hard, recently showed off her unchanged beauty and sexy aura on Instagram, perfectly pulling off a red dress and red lips.

Nana’s next movie, “Confession”, in which she acts alongside So Ji Sub and Kim Yun Jin, will be released on October 26th.

Source: Daum

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