IU’s real-life sibling chemistry with younger brother “Don’t you have any shame? You should go back to Korea”

Singer IU showed her real-life sibling chemistry with her younger brother

On Feb 29th, a video titled “Hey! You Can Join The ‘Holssi’ Challenge Too!” was posted on the YouTube channel “IU Official”.

In the video, IU’s younger brother, who accompanied her to the United States, where she filmed the music video for her new album, made an appearance. IU suggested that he try making a Holssi 2-line poem. Her brother commented, “Listening to ‘Holssi’, I don’t think this is okay, it’s slander.”


IU’s brother remarked, “The real surprise is ever since the rehearsal, all the children are getting better. At first, a few of them would just wave their fingers. But now, their fingers are wild. If they were on ‘Street Kids Fighter’, they would kill it. Do it on your YouTube channel first.”

IU responded, “Then you should enter. You look like a kid. You could be the largest kid. You’re a kid back home. You will always be a kid.” She asked, “Would your dance name be ‘Hooni’?

Furthermore, IU suggested that her brother try making a Shopper 2-line poem, to which he enthusiastically replied “I’ll show you an impressive performance” and suddenly got up to do a waacking dance. Surprised, IU said, “I’ll send you back to Korea.” Her brother danced again, and IU exclaimed, “Why do you keep doing that dance?


After filming the challenge with child actors, IU also filmed the challenge with her younger brother. It turns out they had learned the choreography together the day before the shoot.

After filming with child actors, IU’s brother said, “Didn’t you see the baby dandelion seeds groove?” When IU asked him to demonstrate, he showed the groove without hesitation. IU laughed and asked, “Don’t you have any shame?

IU looked forward to eating hamburgers from a famous American brand after filming, and her brother suggested, “After filming, go yourself. Order, pick it up yourself then eat it.” IU jokingly said “Then why did I bring you to the US?“, to which her brother replied, “I’m part of the security team.”

IU’s brother then showcased his dance moves, saying, “I’ve been here a while. I know some of the dance moves. Do you know the C-Step?” IU caused laughter by saying, “I’m really embarrassed right now. You should go back to Korea.

Source: Daum

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