The female lead that charmed both Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Yeop is a true beauty with award-winning talent. 

Ji Chang Wook’s co-star in the new Netflix series “The Sound of Magic” is drawing a lot of attention from the public. 

“The Sound Of Magic” is a musical Netflix series that was just released on May 6th. With a cast full of familiar names like Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop, and Nam Da Reum, the drama drew attention from the get-go, and actress Choi Sung Eun, who was behind the female lead, also became the talk of town. 

In this K-drama, Choi Sung Eun transformed into the poor highschool student Yoon Ah Yi, who excelled in math, and was extremely reserved. One day, she ran into the mysterious magician Lee Eul (played by Ji Chang Wook), and slowly became acquainted with him. Her deskmate Na Il Deung (played by Hwang In Yeop) also cared tremendously for this hardworking and determined girl, and silently assisted her throughout life challenges.  

As “The Sound of Magic” is a musical fantasy, there were many parts for Sung Eun to show off her vocal talents. In fact, she completely blew away the audience with decent acting as weil as singing skills. 

Born in 1996, actress Choi Sung Eun debuted in 2018 under Ace Factory. She managed to secure a Best New Actress award in the very next year at the Chunsa Film Festival and via her appearance in the cinematic movie “Start Up”. Her drama roles are also no joke with critically acclaimed series like “Beyond Evil” and “SF8”, leading to her being nominated for Best New Actress at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Award in 2021 and 2022. 

Choi Sung Eun has a gentle visual with large and alluring eyes. With her talent and beauty, the actress is regarded to be a potential top star in the future. 

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