The ending of the weekend drama on KBS2 that aired yesterday (Sep 18th) shocked everyone 

KBS2’s weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now” has ended.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 50th episode of KBS2’s weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now”, which aired on September 18th, recorded a viewer rating of 29.4% based on nationwide households.

it's beautiful now

Until the last episode, the drama still couldn’t exceed 30%. This is the first time since “House of Bluebird” in 2015 that the rating of a KBS weekend drama did not surpass 30%.

In the finale, Lee Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) was seen undergoing a liver transplant because of Jin Soo-jung (Park Ji-young). Both Hyun-jae and Soo-jung completed the surgery safely and returned to their daily lives in good health. Family members who quarreled and had conflicts also began to accept and understand each other’s shortcomings and show their family love. 

it's beautiful now

The drama ended with a funny scene where Hyun Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin) and Shim Hae-joon (Shin Dong-mi), who are pregnant, complained of labor pains at the same time at the 80th birthday party of Lee Kyung-chul (Park In-hwan).

With this ending, the drama received mixed responses from the viewers. Some said, “The labor pain comes and it’s over?”, “No childbirth scene?”, “They should at least show us the babies”, “The drama set the mood right all the time but it ended in such a comic way, which surprised me a lot”, etc.

it's beautiful now

On the other hand, there were also opinions showing sympathy with the direction of the drama, which was realistic and didn’t stimulate tension, such as “It’s been a while since I last watched a realistic drama like this”, “I could relate to the story because it was not too ‘spicy’”, “That’s enough to help me immerse in watching it”, etc. 

it's beautiful now

Following KBS2’s “It’s Beautiful Now”, the new series “Three Bold Siblings”, starring actor Lee Ha-na and Im Joo-hwan, will air its first episode at 8 p.m on September 24th.

Source: wikitree

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