The difference in Son Ye Jin’s attitude when practicing kissing scenes with Hyun Bin and Jung Hae In 

You can tell who the male co-star Son Ye Jin was dating in real life is! 

Son Ye Jin has been active in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, so the number of male co-stars she has had is uncountable. Among them, Hyun Bin and Jung Hae In are often considered the two actors with the most sizzling on-screen chemistry with Son Ye Jin. Compared to her fiancé Hyun Bin, Jung Hae In even got to film more intimate and steamy scenes with the “nation’s first love”. But acting aside, if we only look at the behind-the-scenes moments, it is not difficult to tell who is Son Ye Jin’s actual boyfriend, and who is just an acting partner between Hyun Bin and Jung Hae In. 

Specifically, in a making video of “Something In The Rain”, when Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In were practicing a kissing scene, Son Ye Jin didn’t seem to show much interest. The atmosphere and her attitude were different from what we see in the drama. Son Ye Jin even dodged when her junior leaned in for a kiss.

son ye jin jung hae in

However, with Hyun Bin behind the scenes of “Crash Landing On You”, it was different, Son Ye Jin was enthusiastically rehearsing their kiss.  There was even a moment when she was “annoyed” as Hyun Bin was only pretending to kiss her.

son ye jin hyun bin
Son Ye Jin was expecting Hyun Bin would kiss her for real
son ye jin hyun bin
In another scene, Son Ye Jin covered her mouth while they were filming a kiss, making Hyun Bin “glare” at her, doesn’t he look like a sulky boyfriend? 

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