The difference between Sunmi’s reaction to Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, and Park Jin Young in their 20s

Sunmi’s realistic reaction is hilarious. 

In an episode of SBS-TV’s program “Sunmi’s Video Store” that aired in June 2020 with Sunmi as the MC, past videos of celebrities who dominated Korea in the 1990s were shown. There were Kim Heung Guk, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Gura, and Yoon Jeong Soo. 


When videos of young Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae during the heyday of their visuals popped up, Sunmi was stunned. They were so handsome that she exclaimed, “Wow!” Her expressions showed that she was in awe. 

However, when Park Jin Young’s past video, in which he was acting cute, appeared on the screen, Sunmi was taken aback but not in the same way as when she saw Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae. She covered her mouth and gave a look of horror. 


Sunmi’s realistic and hilarious reaction later went viral. Netizens left comments: 

  • The difference in women’s reaction to handsome men vs. just men
  • So funny
  • She’s so real 
  • But seriously, Jung Woo Sung’s face back then was art 
  • Wow both Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae’s visuals were legendary 

Source: daum

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