The current situation of actress Lee Yeon Doo, who was once called “the second Son Ye Jin”

This actress used to feel embarrassed when being compared to Son Ye Jin.

Lee Yeon Doo is an actress born in 1994 who was well-known for her participation  in the program Fly Shoot Dori in 2006. As the host of the show, Lee Yeon Doo is even more famous than child stars of the show and  thanks to her, the show’s ratings skyrocketed.  At that time, Lee Yeon Doo was praised by the audience for her beautiful appearance and was even compared to Son Ye Jin. In an interview, Lee Yeon Doo once shared that although she was honored when fans said that she resembled Son Ye Jin, she still felt quite embarrassed since Son Ye Jin was too beautiful. Not to mention she also wanted the audience to know her as Lee Yeon Doo instead of “the second Son Ye Jin”.

lee yeon doo

Thanks to her attractive appearance in the program “Fly Shoot Dori”, Lee Yeon Doo began to be noticed by filmmakers.  She had the opportunity to appear in many drama series such as “Oh Lovers”, “Powerful Opponents”, “Hometown Legends”, “Cinderella Man”, … but they all had quite low ratings or Yeon Do’s roles in these dramas were just supporting roles. Lee Yeon So began to make her first impressive mark as an actress with her role in “Gangnam 1970” and was complimented a lot by viewers for her excellent acting skills in this movie.

lee yeon doo
Gangnam 1970

In 2013, Lee Yeon Doo went to Brazil to film the KBS drama “Real Experience Embracing The World” and encountered a big incident. Specifically, not knowing about the foreign medical regulations, the drama crew has brought medicinal herbs (gifted by local people) back to Korea, resulting in Lee Yeon Doo being arrested for allegedly smuggling medicinal herbs. Fortunately, the problem was resolved.

Currently, Lee Yeon Doo is still persistently pursuing her acting career. Unfortunately, the actress still sticks with supporting roles, guest roles, and doesn’t achieve any new achievements in her career. At the age of 38, Lee Yeon Doo still possesses youthful beauty. The actress also got married to a non-celebrity who is 1 year older than her.

lee yeon doo
Her most recent appearance was in Lee Jun Ki’s “Again My Life”
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