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The controversies around Jeon So Min: Barely clearing the rumors with Yang Se Chan, Jeon So Min is surrounded by another one with staff member 

Jeon So Min’s relationship status has always been a big question mark for colleagues and viewers. 

Jeon So Min has been a staple in the “Running Man” cast for five years. Though she is loved by many, the actress is often criticized for her behaviors on-screen. 

Jeon So-min
Jeon So Min is often considered the controversial figure on “Running Man”. Image: Running Man 

After Lee Kwang Soo left the show due to his injuries, Jeon So Min became the ‘romance enthusiast’ and persistently paired herself with Yang Se Chan to buy laughter from viewers. While a group of audience finds this relationship dynamic to be entertaining, others are more annoyed by this cat-and-mouse chase. 

jeon so min yang se chan running man
Jeon So Min ‘ships’ herself with Yang Se Chan. Image: Running Man 

However, in a recent broadcast, the actress spoke up to clarify: “By the way, Se Chan and I are not together. We’re just playing around, but it seems like a lot of people think we’re actually in a relationship. Ji Hyo and Jong Kook aren’t dating each other! They’re nothing more than friends.” 

Nonetheless, the actress is again caught up in a dating rumor with a staff member as she somehow knows every details of the schedule and guests to the show despite the information being withheld from the cast. 

jeon so min running man
Jeon So Min is suspicious of dating a crew member of “Running Man”. Image: Running Man 

Specifically, Yoo Jae Suk cast his doubt: “Yesterday, Jeon So Min said I was gonna wear a slave’s outfit today”. Haha and Song Ji Hyo also voiced their curiosity: “She even knows which brands are running PPLs in this episode.” Even the production crew were taken aback by this and put a bounty on finding the identity of the ‘spy’. In an unreleased segment in episode 599, Yoo Jae Suk expressed his frustration: “I have a complaint. Jeon So Min knows all the places where the recording is? Who did she hear from?” In response, Jeon So Min only laughed and did not answer. 

running man
Jeon So Min has every detail on the schedules and challenges on “Running Man” from April 2022. Image: Running Man 
jeon so min running man
The members were skeptical of the actress. Image: Running Man 

Jeon So Min’s dating status is still the biggest mystery to the audience. The show PD recently promised to create a broadcast to delve into how the information on “Running Man” was leaked to the actress. 

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