The best-dressed female lead among current K-dramas: formal yet stylish office style, perfect personality-wise

As a TV producer, this K-drama female lead really has the fashion style to match her title. 

Love is for Suckers” is a K-drama currently airing on ENA channel. While the series doesn’t boast outstanding viewership ratings, it is earning great responses from the audience so far, especially when it comes to the plot and style of the main cast. Playing the female lead of this drama, actress Lee Da Hee makes a deep impression with her sharp, fashionable, and yet still elegant office wardrobe. 

In particular, Lee Da Hee assumes the role of Goo Yeo Reum, a TV producer who has a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. Therefore, it comes as no wonder when she has a sense of style that’s both comfy and chic. 

Clothes adorned by Lee Da Hee in “Love is for Suckers” generally belong to two contrasting styles. At the office, the actress is often dressed in formal blouses and blazers, exuding power as a head PD of famous programs. Meanwhile, on the filming site, this character opt for more comfortable and active clothes, such as crop-tops, shirts, and jeans. Both of the styles share a common level of confidence, however, and perfectly match with Lee Da Hee’s character. 

Below are some iconic looks of Lee Da Hee in “Love is for Suckers”:

Source: K14

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