The average age of Kpop girl groups through 3 generations 

Netizens recently compiled the average age of Kpop girl groups from the 2nd to the 4th generation. 

As of the moment, there have been 4 generations of Kpop, with large age differences. Curious to see how large these gaps are, Kpop fans on the forum DC Inside have compiled the average age of Kpop girl groups in 2022, excluding the 1st generations (the information is in Korean age).

The average age of Kpop girl groups. 

SNSD, who debuted in 2007, has been active in the industry for 15 years. The group’s legendary achievements earned them the title of “nation’s idol group”, which since then, hasn’t been inherited by anyone. At the moment, the group’s age averages at  33.5 years old. 

Among the group, Taeyeon, born in 1989, is the oldest member. The group is planning to return with an 8-member lineup (excluding Jessica) ahead of their 15th anniversary this August. 

SNSD was a talented idol group of the 2nd generation. 

MAMAMOO entered the Kpop industry in 2014, when Kpop has transpired outside of Korea. The group stands out with their spectacular vocal prowess and a more rebellious look, and now boasts an average age of 29.8. 

MAMAMOO’s average age is close to 30 years old. 

As one of the top gen 3 Kpop groups, Red Velvet comprises 5 extremely talented and gorgeous members. The group, which debuted in 2014, has an average age of 27, with Irene having a large age gap with the remaining members. 

Red Velvet
Red Velvet Irene is said to increase her group’s average age. 

Upon their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK immediately became a “monster rookie” with impressive digital performances. Now that the group is 6 years old, every member has established their own standing within the Kpop industry and various other realms. As of the moment, BLACKPINK’s ages average to 26.8, and the largest gap is between Jisoo and Lisa, who are 2 years apart. 

Due to their small age gap, BLACKPINK treat each other like friends. 

Meanwhile, TWICE, who debuted 1 year earlier than BLACKPINK, boast a lower average age of 26. The group includes 9 members from 3 countries, and their oldest member is Nayeon (born in 1995), who is 4 years older than the youngest Tzuyu (born in 1999). 

TWICE’s average age is 26 despite their early debut. 

In the 4th generation, (G)-IDLE records the highest average age at 24.8. The group used to have 6 members, but Soo Jin departed the group following her school violence controversy. Their oldest member is Miyeon, who drew attention with her visuals and her past training with BLACKPINK members. 

(G)-IDLE used to have 6 members.
Now, one has left, and the group is the oldest among the 4th generation. 

SM’s newest girl group aespa made a big wave after their debut in 2020, and has since became a top 4th gen girlgroup. As of the moment, the group’s average age is 22.3. 

aespa’s average age is 22.3

ITZY’s ages average to 22. The JYP girl group debuted back in 2019, and quickly drew attention with their outstanding visuals and talents. The group’s oldest members were born in 2000, while their youngest member debuted at the age of 16. 

ITZY was extremely young when they first debuted. 

The project group Kep1er, which is composed of 9 members from the survival show  “Girls Plant 999”, recently drew attention through their stages on “Queendom 2”. Even though the largest age gap between Yujin and Yeseo is a whopping 9 years, the group’s average age only comes to 21.2. 

Kep1er debuted from the survival show Girls Planet 999. 

IVE attracted attention right upon debut with their young ages. Now, the group’s age averages to 19.5, with the oldest member Gaeul being born in 2002, and the youngest member Leeseo being born as late as 2007. 

Kpop Girl group IVE is surprisingly young. 
Gaeul and Leeseo were born in 2002 and 2007, respectively. 

From these average ages, we can notice the obvious shift from one generation to another. As of the moment, Gen 2 girl groups are in their 30s, Gen 3 girl groups are approaching their late 20s, while the 4th generation is extremely active and youthful. 

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