Netizens pointed out the reason why IZ*ONE could not disband even after the scandal

Like Wanna One, IZ*ONE has everything except time!

With the mini-album “One-reeler / Act IV” and the title song “Panorama”, IZ * ONE has received a lot of attention from the Kpop fan community.  Comeback in a time of cheating controversy once again exploded after the Supreme Court announced the list of 12 victims, but IZ * ONE still affirms the power of one of the most successful Kpop girl groups.

By the end of the first week of sale, “One-reeler / Act IV” had sold a total of 355,267 copies.  Although IZ * ONE has yet to break the record of 389,334 copies that the previous album “Oneiric Diary” has made, this achievement also marks the milestone of 3 consecutive times that IZ * ONE has an album selling more than 300,000 copies in the first week. Only 3 girl groups in Kpop have been able to do so far.

IZONE panorama1

The number of 355,267 copies brought “One-reeler / Act IV” to number 4 on the chart of the highest first-week sales of Kpop girl groups, behind “THE ALBUM” of BLACKPINK and 2 other albums of IZ * ONE, “Oneiric Diary” and “BLOOM * IZ.  On the overall chart for albums released in 2020 (both group and solo artist), the first week’s performance of “One-reeler / Act IV” ranked at No. 14.

IZONE panorama1
IZONE panorama2a

Before IZ * ONE’s comeback, there were many doubts that a comeback at this time could negatively affect their performance.  However, despite all that, IZ * ONE has shown that they have a strong fan base and will help them continuously achieve achievements that not all popular girl groups can easily do.

Seeing the sales of “One-reeler / Act IV” this time, many viewers began to feel regret when thinking about the day IZ * ONE officially disbands.  As a project group formed from the survival reality show “Produce 48”, IZ * ONE has a working period of 2.5 years.  As schedule, the disbandment date of the group will be around April 2021. Although CJ said that they are still trying to negotiate to continue the contract, but not many people believe that this may become true.

IZONE panorama3

Some netizens believe that album sales are the reason why there are people who don’t want IZ * ONE to disband, as it can be a big loss for Kpop.  The current case of IZ * ONE is quite similar to Wanna One. That group also disbanded at its peak, when they sold millions of albums.  However, there are still netizens who firmly believe that IZ * ONE must disband no matter how good their achievements are because it is the best way to stop the fraudulent controversies that exist all the time.

– “So they made 3 comebacks in 1 year, it looks like IZ * ONE has been working extremely hard because they only promote for a short time”

 – “Wow, they couldn’t disband because they’re selling a lot of albums”

 – “Ever since IZ * ONE’s debut, IZ * ONE has sold albums very well, and even after the fraud scandal broke out their achievements have not been affected much”

 – “Well, no matter how good their achievements are, they were eliminated from the Golden Disk Awards”

– “This is why they can’t disband ㅋㅋ”

 – “So jealous … I wish my bias could sell so many albums in the first-week ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ”

– “They indeed sell albums very well, but there is another fact that they cheated … I like some of the members, so I hope IZ * ONE will disband”


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