Tang Wei revealed the cutest photos of her 6-year-old daughter 

Famous actress Tang Wei drew attention as she released photos of her daughter for the first time this year 

On September 3rd, actress Tang Wei posted several photos on Instagram without any captions.

A photo shows the interior of Tang Wei’s house, decorated with balloons in the shape of number 6 and hearts. It appears that her daughter, Summer, had a birthday party to celebrate her 6th birthday.

Several photos of Summer’s back with a short haircut were also released. It seems that Tang Wei’s daughter is living a peaceful life, sitting on the beanbag sofa, reading a book, and feeding chicks. 

Although only the back view of Summer was shown, the photos quickly drew attention with their calm and healing atmosphere.

Tang Wei often reveals her daily life with her family through SNS, and first posted a photo of her daughter in October last year. The photo was taken from the back, and her daughter could be seen holding her grandfather’s hand for a walk.

Tang Wei

Tang Wei married the 10-year-older director Kim Tae Yong, whom she met on the set of the 2014 movie “Late Autumn”. 2 years after her wedding, the actress gave birth to her daughter, Summer.

The actress recently starred as the female lead Seo Rae in Park Chan Wook’s movie “Decision to leave”, which hit the cinema last month. Here, she managed to deliver affectionate emotions and convincing chemistry with her co-star, actor Park Hae Il.

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