Suzy to make a comeback as a singer for the first time in 4 years

Singer Suzy is coming back with a new single.


Suzy will release her digital single “Satellite” on February 17th. “Satellite” is a song that utilizes the band sound with a brit-pop vibe, expressing the longing and distant feelings for something that cannot be reached but it always lingers around with an unchanging heart. It is also revealed that Suzy will not only participate in writing the lyrics but also show off her outstanding charms as a vocalist, raising high expectations. The released teaser image also showed Suzy’s empty eyes against the backdrop of blue light, heralding a different atmosphere from her previous album.

In particular, Suzy’s comeback also drew keen attention add this will be the first new song that she released after 4 years. This is her first comeback following the second mini-album “Faces of Love”, which was released in 2018. Since Suzy has not been seen carrying out activities as a singer for a while, high expectations have been raised for her new music release. Suzy made her debut as a member of girl group Miss A in 2010 and gained huge popularity not only in Korea but also in foreign countries thanks to many hit songs, such as “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Touch”, “Hush”, etc. Even after Miss A’s official disbandment in 2017, Suzy continued to maintain her popularity as a singer and also an actress.


Suzy got the nickname “The Nation’s First Love” after appearing in the movie “Architecture 101” and received numerous advertisement offers. Establishing herself as an actress, Suzy has been steadily taking over the lead role in various works, such as the movie “Ashfall”, drama “While You Were Sleeping”, “Vagabond”, Start Up”, etc., and is on the streak of success. Her new work, Coupang Play’s series “Anna” will also be released in the first half of this year.

Apart from acting, Suzy has also proved herself as a solo singer. With the release of “Dream (with Baekhyun)” in 2016, her first mini-album “Yes? No?”, album “Faces of Love”, solo songs, “Pretend” and “I’m In Love With Someone Else”, Suzy swept all the top spots on music charts and gained huge love from music fans. After tvN’s 2020 drama “Start Up”, she has been rarely seen carrying out acting activities, so fans are really looking forward to the release of her new song.


Since many singers have announced their comebacks in January with various genres, fans are raising high expectations for the performance of Suzy, who will return to the music industry after a long time. Apart from the comeback of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, who recorded the highest sales ever among female solo singers, on February 14th, Apink, who presents fans with a special album to celebrate their 10th debut anniversary, and Big Mama, the vocal master who will release a full album for the first time after 12 years, etc. are expected make a highly anticipated competition in the music industry.

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