Suzy shows off her flirting skills “Just being genuinely nice could also be flirting”

Actress Suzy showed off her flirting skills

Recently, a video featuring Suzy was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Pixid”.

In the video, Suzy smilingly said, “My role in the Netflix series ‘Doona!’ is a flirting expert. I’ve become a lot like her after working on the drama. I think that’s why I’m here.” She expressed her determination, “I learned a lot from playing Doona. I’ll get into character and defeat everyone here.

While observing the banter among flirting experts, Suzy shared her thoughts, “Not to achieve a goal or purpose, but just being genuinely nice could also be flirting.” She also showcased her flirting skills using episodes from the drama.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s romance drama “Doona!” starring Suzy and Yang Se-jong was released on Oct 20th. Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Doona!” depicts the story of the ordinary college student Won-jun and his meeting with Doona, who retired after leaving behind her glamorous Kpop idol days and becomes his housemate.

Source: Naver

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