Suzy showed stark contrast in simple uniform vs chiseled gold dress for her upcoming K-drama 

In her new web-drama “Anna”, idol-actress Bae Suzy will have a complete transformation.

The Coupang Play series “Anna” recently released posters for their upcoming series “Anna”, which revolves around the female lead Yumi, and her new persona Anna. In the new poster, Yumi and Anna were shown side by side, each embodying a conflicting charm of Suzy

suzy anna

The differences between Yumi and Anna were portrayed by symbolic items in the posters, like the uniform vs dress, simple vs fancy background, and the red vs black shoes. 

suzy anna

In particular, Yumi is looking straight ahead with a tired expression, while dressed in a worker’s uniform and red heels. Meanwhile, Anna looks ready for her party night in her glitter gold gown. To be able to deliver such contrasting personalities, Suzy’s acting performance this time around is highly-anticipated. 

suzy anna

On top of that, “Anna” also draws curiosity for its unpredictable story development, which follows a woman who started living a completely different life, all after a trivial life. 

“Anna” the web series is based on the critically acclaimed novel “Close Stranger” by Jung Han An. Director Lee Ju Young, whose skills were recognized through his 2018 work “A Single Rider”, will be in charge of the script and directing, leaving high expectations for a compelling story and solid production.

suzy anna

“Anna”, which will reveal never seen before aspects of Suzy, will air on Coupang Play every Friday, starting on June 24th.

Source: daum

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