Surpassing No.2 BIG BANG and No.3 Lim Young-woong, the singer who successfully dominated 1st place in the April Brand Reputation Ranking in 2022 is?

Legendary boygroup BIG BANG and singer Lim Young-woong were all beaten by this group in the April Brand Reputation Ranking for all singers.

According to the announcement from the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation on April 23rd, BTS topped the “April Singer Brand Reputation Ranking”. The brand institute analyzed 135,935,516 big data of singer brands from the 23rd of March to the 23rd of April to find out the connection between brands and brand consumers.

BIGBANG comeback 2022
Lim Young Woong

As a result of the analysis, BTS led the chart and was followed by No.2 BIG BANG, No.3 Lim Young-woong, No.4 (G)I-DLE, and No.5 IVE.

The No.1 BTS brand recorded an overall brand reputation index of 10,896,797, which includes a participation index of 2,092,877, media index 3,504,697, communication index 2,988,216, and community index 2,311,006. Compared to last month’s reputation index of 9,536,463, BTS witnessed an increase of 14.26% in their brand reputation score in April.


The TOP 30 singers in the April Brand Reputation Ranking are BTS, BIG BANG, Lim Young-woong, (G)I-DLE, IVE, IU, Lim Chang-jung, Lee Chan-won, Tae-yeon, Red Velvet, Youngtak, Oh My Girl, Seventeen, Kang Daniel, Park Jae-beom, BLACKPINK, Song Mino, Jung Dong-won, Park Chang-gun, HIGHLIGHT, Lee Seung-gi, Jang Min-ho, Song Ga-in, Brave Girls, Kep1er, TWICE, Lee Solomon, MeloMance, aespa, and EXO.

Koo Chang-hwan, CEO of the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, explained, “According to the analysis of all singers’ brand reputation data in April 2022, BTS topped the list. After analyzing all brands in the singer category, the big data increased 8.36% from 125,354,431 recorded in March. In detail, brand consumption index rose 14.32%, brand issue index rose 7.3%, brand communication index increased 11.09%, and brand expansion index went up 2.33%”.

He added, “The BTS brand, which has become an icon, came in 1st place. Meanwhile, the BIG BANG brand, which was mostly discussed together with music, ranked 2nd place and Lim Young-woong, who has developed a strong fandom, was seen in 3rd place. Brands which are well-loved valued their connections with the consumers”.

Boy Group Brand reputation

Meanwhile, the brand reputation index is an indicator created through brand big data analysis which looks into consumers’ online habits that have a great influence on brand consumption. The brand reputation index of big data of consumers’ activities in relation to the brands is divided into participation value, communication value, social value, market value, and financial value.

Boy Group Brand reputation
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