18-year-old idol group Super Junior “Secret to longevity? The members endured each other for a long time”

Super Junior revealed the secret to longevity.

At 11 AM on July 12th, an online press conference was held to commemorate the release of Super Junior‘s 11th full album “Vol.1 ‘The Road : Keep on Going'”.

Super Junior has been active as an idol group for a long time. When asked about the secret to longevity, Eunhyuk replied, “There’s no particular secret to longevity. It seems that the members just endured each other for a long time.”

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Shindong made everyone laugh as he said, “I think it’s because there’s a company called SM. We can do it for a long time because we’re under a good company. The contract renewal is coming soon, so please take care of our down payment.”

Leeteuk added, “The members are cowardly. If one person pretends to be crazy and says ‘I won’t do it’, the team will break up. However, there are no such members.” Eunhyuk went on to say, “I know how much the rest of the members will swear. If one person goes to the bathroom when everyone is together, they’ll curse like that.”


Siwon said, “To be careful, I think it’s because we’re sophisticated socialists.”

“The Road : Keep on Going” is an album like a special station for Super Junior, “space travelers” who travel to multiple planets in Kwangya. It tells the story of the current Super Junior members, who are looking back on the previous process and preparing for the next step.

Super Junior

The title track “Mango” is a funky pop song with a heavy yet rhythmical bass and cindy sound. It confesses the desire of “I will become an oasis that can fill the love you want” through the medium of “mango“. It is expected to give a sweet vibe to everyone who is searching for love.

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