Sulwhasoo wraps up their exhibition on a positive note, concluding with nearly 11 thousand visitors 

Rosé also took the time to endorse the exhibition and the brand’s product. 

Sulwhasoo’s exhibition event “Soil” announced on the 26th that they successfully completed the “Snow. Flower – Sulwhasoo, Blooming Again.” In particular, Sulwhasoo’s global ambassador, Rosé (BLACKPINK), took a visit as the last round of the audience of the exhibition.

blackpink rose Sulwhasoo

The idol visited the house of Sulwhasoo in Bukchon on the 23rd to enjoy the exhibition and slowly appreciated the 16 artists who reinterpreted Sulwhasoo’s pioneering spirit from their own distinct artistic perspectives. 

The most memorable work was Namira’s media art “Rebloom,” created by reinterpreting Sulwhasoo’s global campaign video “People are born in the soil and become flowers.”

blackpink rose Sulwhasoo

Rosé witnessed the evolution of Yoonjo Essence in “Sulwhasoo Heritage” and expressed her deep affection for their product Yoonjo Essence, “Yoonjo Essence always maintains my skin condition well.”

The “Soil” exhibition began with the preview opening on October 20 and lasted about a month until November 20. In addition to selling out the previous day four days after the reservation was opened, three additional supplies were sold out in two days, attracting more than 10.600 spectators within a month.

Source: asiaa

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