“I’ve had panic disorder since I was young” Sulli shared about her feelings in “Jinri Store”

Actress and singer Sulli (Choi Jinri) will return as a CEO in “Jinri Store”

Actress and singer Sulli (Choi Jinri) will return to "Jinri Store"

On October 15,  Sulli posted the D-8 teaser for “Jinri Store” on her Instagram.

In the video, Sulli drew attention by making a frank statement of her feelings. She also shared about the things that made her feel tired and break her heart.

Sulli said, “Fatigue, panic disorder… I had to suffer from panic disorder when I was very young. I even had to see the people that were close to me leave my side, and I completely collapsed in those situations. There is no one who understands me, no one was by my side, therefore I collapsed”

Jinri Store” is a program that describes the process of Sulli‘s transformation into a CEO who runs a pop-up store, which will be produced by label SM CCC LAB and filmed by producer Kim Ji-wook.

Sulli has been releasing teasers through her SNS since the D-19 teaser. The teaser videos of her outspoken remarks immediately became the talk of the town online. Amid the surprising response and cheering from netizens, interest in the first episode of “Jinri Store“, which showcases the daily lives of Sulli, is mounting further.

Source: Nate

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