“Street Woman Fighter 2” Bada Talks About Friendship With BTS’s V And Tries ‘Slickback’ Challenge

Dancer Bada, the leader of “Street Woman Fighter 2” crew BEBE, revealed various honest talks

SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” broadcast on November 1st featured the guest appearances of “Street Woman Fighter 2” dancers, including 1MILLION’s Lia Kim, Mannequeen Funky-Y and BEBE’s Bada.

During the broadcast, a listener asked, “Do you agree that Dynamic Duo, who sang the hit song ‘Smoke’, benefited the most from ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’?”. In response, Bada said, “I met with Dynamic Duo members and they sincerely thanked other crew leaders and me”.

Street Woman Fighter

When asked about how she became close with BTS’s V. Bada shared, “He contacted me first, saying he wanted to dance with me. We spent time practicing dancing together with some other dancers who were also born in 1995 so we formed a ‘95line’. We enjoyed dancing happily without feeling stressed. The more we practice the closer we become”, adding “We can talk to each other informally now”, showing off their friendship.

The three dancers then resolved rumors about them. First, Funky-Y clarified that she is mixed-race and her hometime is in Gwangju, Jeolla-do. Next, Bada corrected the rumors that she practiced wrestling during her middle school days, saying “I never did that. I only danced and played jackstones”. In addition, Lia Kim confirmed that she has been eating only one meal per day for 10 years. 

Later, the three did the viral “Slickback” challenge. Bada tried it for the first time and failed. Seeing that Lia Kim commented, “I heard it’s a difficult challenge even for dancers”.

Source: Daum

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