STAYC makes a surprise appearance in “Unpredictable Fortunetellers”, confesses concerns

Girl group STAYC visited KBS Joy’s “Unpredictable Fortunetellers”.

STAYC made a surprise appearance in the preview for the next episode of “Unpredictable Fortunetellers”, which aired on August 14th.

In the preview, STAYC members Sieun, Yoon and Isa explained, “We came in while passing by.” Broadcaster Lee Soo Geun expressed his warm hospitality, “We accept all celebrities who pass by.”


Broadcaster Seo Jang Hoon asked Sieun, who is the daughter of singer Park Nam Jung, “Do you have a bad relationship with your father?” Sieun shook her head, replying, “No.”

Yoon said “About me at the company…” and Isa confessed “How can I convey that to my mother…“, raising curiosity about what their worries would be. Their concerns will be revealed in the next broadcast.

Source: Nate

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