“Sponsor will reveal idol L’s drug case because of L’s affair”… This rumor is spreading rapidly online

As the rumor of idol L taking drugs is spreading online, more victims of netizens’ speculations and suspicions are expected to appear.

On October 15th, an article containing rumors that an idol group member’s drug case is about to break out was posted and shared on various online communities as well as SNS sites.

L idol drug allegations

According to the article, L, a member of a group from a large agency, is receiving sponsorship from A, a businessman. L has dated A for more than a year and also received various things, such as luxury cars, gifts, and 100 million won in cash, from A.

In the meantime, A found out that L was dating K, a former actor. It is said that A will disclose L’s drug case as revenge.

L idol drug allegations

This article attracted keen attention as it has gathered 270,000 views in only two days. As it is spread to other communities and SNS sites, netizens are pouring out comments guessing the identity of L, leading to more victims of indiscriminate speculations.

L idol drug allegations

The authenticity of this article has not yet been confirmed.

Source: wikitree

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