Song Kang Mentions Military Service Plan, “I’ll Work Hard To Promote ‘Sweet Home’ Before Enlisting”

Actor Song Kang talked about his upcoming military enlistment

The press conference for Netflix’s series “Sweet Home 2” was held at S Factory in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the morning of November 30th. At the event, Song Kang revealed his mindset when working on this drama.

song kang

Expressing his affection for the drama, the actor said, “While preparing for my acting in this drama for the first time, I was wondering whether I could do a genre project well. I’m very grateful that the director trusted me and gave me an opportunity. At first, I was very fascinated and happy, but then I became more determined to do better. As I wanted to work hard in anything, my mindset also changed. ‘Sweet Home’ is like my starting point”.

Song Kang then mentioned his enlistment, saying “Of course, it’s something I need to fulfill. I will work hard to promote ‘Sweet Home’ then enlist and return with a better appearance.”

The actor added, “This promotion feels particularly different not because it’s the last acting project in my 20s. Since this is an important series that has made me who I am now, I often thought about it and wrote about Hyun-soo a lot in my diary. This is a fantasy creature drama, and its content is somewhat unrealistic. I made great efforts to think a lot about the parts I didn’t understand. I also consider Hyun-soo’s mindset and desire to prevent the humans from transforming into monsters.”

Source: Daum

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