Song Joong-ki’s Family Life: Uses Pet Names with Wife, Most Beautiful Son 

A fan who ran into Song Joong-ki and his family has disclosed observations about the sweet current life of the actor. 

On the morning of February 26, a post about the recent appearance of Song Joong-ki’s family, including his wife and son, was published and immediately drew attention. 

The post, which was published by a fan who ran into the Song family, also included a series of photos taken with Song Joong-ki as evidence, alongside various anecdotes about the actor’s happy family life.

In particular, the original poster shared that Song Joong-ki’s wife takes very cool photos, and when taking pictures, she counted in Korean. 

“Song Joong-ki speaks Korean to his wife slowly, and she can understand. But of course, the actor still has to act as an interpreter when his wife chats with Koreans”, they said.

The fan also disclosed that Song Joong-ki’s son is very handsome and friendly, and described the entire Song family as “extremely kind”. According to the fan, Song Joong-ki used various affectionate pet names with his wife, creating the image of a perfect family. 

song joong ki
Song Joong-ki’s recent appearance with his family draws attention 
song joong ki
The writer of the post included photos taken with Song Joong-ki as evidence.
Katy Louise Saunders song joong ki
Song Joong-ki – Katy Louise Saunders caused a stir in the media after confirming their romantic relationship.

Back in October last year, Song Joong-ki caused a sensation when he first mentioned his son’s appearance on a TV program. In particular, the actor disclosed that his baby has his lips, making him happy. 

Additionally, a Korean reporter who had the chance to see Song Joong-ki’s child disclosed that the son has a large pair of eyes, and resembles his father when young. 

On the other hand, Song Joong-ki publicly announced his relationship with former actress Katy Louise Saunders in 2022. Shortly after, the actor surprised everyone by declaring marriage to the Western beauty. Last June, the happy couple welcomed their first son.

Source: X, K14, Naver

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