Song Joong Ki: “I Always Covered Up My Childhood Scar, But I Actually Like It”

Song Joong Ki revealed some behind-the-scenes stories of his new film “Hopeless”

‘Hopeless’ tells the story of a boy named Yeongyu (played by Hong Sabin) who wants to escape from a hellish reality and ends up in a precarious world after meeting Chigeon (played by Song Joongki), a mid-level boss of an organization. 

When asked about his feelings about participating in ‘Hopeless,’ Song Joongki said, “When we talked, Hong Sabin said that he hadn’t seen such a high-quality script before. The script felt more radical and intense, but now it seems softer compared to back then. Being invited to the Cannes Film Festival may not be an absolute indicator, but it can be considered evidence that the film is worth paying attention to.”

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He added, “Among Korean movies, there are many that I really like, but I like ‘The Shameless’ to the point of obsession. I watched it more than ten times. I liked the subtle feeling of whether Kim Namgil likes Jeon Doyeon or not. ‘Hopeless’ also had a subtle feeling of whether Chigeon was helping or ruining Yeongyu’s life, and I liked that aspect.”

When asked what he focused on the most while playing Chigeon, Song Joongki said, “The main focus of ‘Hopeless’ follows Yeongyu’s emotions, and the plot progresses according to Yeongyu. Hong Sabin is starting to make a name for himself among the public, so there was a realistic concern that my presence might overshadow the plot. I thought I should just follow the tone that Hong Sabin set. But since I’m an ambitious actor, I tried to give my best.”

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Song Joongki mentioned his scars, “I actually have a scar from when I was young, and in previous works always covered it up. But this time, the makeup team actually highlighted the scar with shading. It felt good to expose the actual scar.”

As for his chemistry with Hong Sabin in ‘Hopeless,’ Song Joongki said, “When I first met him, I thought he looked very fresh. It was his first time playing the lead role, and I tried to help him because I knew the heavy burden he felt, but he did well on his own.”

Source: daum. 

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