Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho’s Warm Hug at the Blue Dragon Awards: Genuine Friendship or Upcoming Collaboration?

Previously, fans had never seen Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho interact with each other

The 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony has ended, but its aftermath continues to create a buzz on social media. Recently, the interaction between two handsome actors, Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho, has become a widely discussed topic.

While receiving the award on stage, Kim Seon Ho consistently showed a bewildered and awkward expression in his interactions with Park Bo Young. However, the male actor appeared extremely comfortable when embracing Song Joong Ki. The two handsome stars also hugged each other tightly, with hands on each other’s faces in a celebratory manner, as if they had been close friends for a long time. This has left many fans curious because, prior to this event, there had been no known interaction between Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho. Could it be that the two actors are long-time friends, or are they about to collaborate in an upcoming project?

Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho both took the stage to receive the Popular Star Award and quickly made headlines thanks to their unexpected interactions.

The two actors also comfortably engaged in lively conversation. This has led online communities to wonder whether Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho have been longtime friends or if they are gearing up to collaborate on an upcoming project.

Source: K14

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