Song Hye Kyo shows up after divorce rumors, revealed important evidence of marriage split?

Although not responding to the rumors, Song Hye Kyo’s actions made the fans cannot help but wonder.

Although she did not respond to the rumors, Song Hye Kyo showed up and no longer wore the wedding ring, which made fans confused.

According to Newsen, on February 20, Song Hye Kyo appeared at Incheon International Airport (South Korea) on her way to Singapore to attend the event. After the divorce rumors, this female celebrity became the focus of all attention, newspapers and fans. The actress wearing dark clothes and a scarf covering her face. She smiled when she found many reporters at the airport.

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Notably, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are very passionate about their marriage rings. Whether it’s going to events, filming a movie or even appearing together on private dates, the couple always wears these rings. However, this time, netizen quickly discovered that there was no ring on the hands of the actress.

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Wedding rings are important to the Song – Song couple.

A few days ago, Sina – China’s big news site posted a rumor about the marriage split of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. The site said that a Weibo account revealed that the “Descendants Of The Sun” actor had an affair. In the past few months, the pair have not interacted much on social networks.

However, standing in front of reporters, Song Hye Kyo‘s bright and happy expression somewhat comforted those who were puzzled about the gold couple of Kbiz.

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However, with the bright expression, the actress’s radiant happiness reassured the fans.

Regarding this rumor, the fans of Song – Song couple are feeling anxious. They hope that the 2 main characters will quickly speak out to reassure the fans.

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