Song Ha-yoon Accused Of School Violence, “She Slapped Me For 90 Minutes”

Actress Song Ha-yoon, who recently became popular with a villain role in a drama, is embroiled in school violence allegations

On April 1st, JTBC’s “Incident Director” reported the school violence allegations of actress Song Ha-yoon

According to the accusation, the informant said, “Song Ha-yoon was a senior in Grade 3 while I was a junior in Grade 2 and we knew each other. One day, she called me during lunchtime. She told me to come to the playground with a small house. But as soon as I went there, she started hitting me. I didn’t know why I got hit and I still remember that she slapped me for one and a half hours”.

The informant, a male student who got hit by a female student without knowing the reason, couldn’t do anything because the actress’s boyfriend back then was an iljin (a school bully). The informant talked to Song Ha-yoon’s ex-boyfriend. He also remembered the situation in the past and said, “I won’t stop you from reporting it”.

The informant is currently living in the US. He shared, “I was so shocked when I happened to see a video of the actress on an entertainment show”, adding that he reported this because Song Ha-yoon seemed to have forgotten her victim. 

In this regard, Song Ha-yoon’s agency said, “We can’t give any statement because the actress is doing overseas schedule”, and asked the informant to meet Song Ha-yoon at LA airport. In addition, the actress’s agency also suggested that the informant come to Korea but he rejected it. 

When the “Incident Director” asked Song Ha-yoon’s agency about the issue, they explained that the actress didn’t remember anything about the accusation. 

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