So Ji Sub boasts chilling acting prowess in latest K-drama “Doctor Lawyer”

The return of famous actor So Ji Sub does not disappoint, as “Doctor Lawyer” proves to be a masterpiece in the making. 

The name “Doctor Lawyer” may not be as eye-catching as Seo Ye Ji’s “Eve”, but this new K-drama is certainly more than what meets the eyes. So, what is in this new series, which marks So Ji Sub’s return to the Korean small screen after a long 4 years? 

doctor lawyer
“Doctor Lawyer” is a masterpiece in the making 

What drives a person to desperation? 

“Doctor Lawyer” revolves around the genius surgeon Han Yi Han, who specializes in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery and works at one of the top hospitals in Korea. He was once a male lead living his dream life: about to get a promotion, favored by the director, and soon to marry his girlfriend Seok Young (played by actress Im Soo Hyang). He’s also about to perform a heart surgery for his soon to be brother-in-law Seok Joo.

doctor lawyer
Han Yi Han and Seok Young are supposed to get married. 

At first, Han Yi Han appears as a quiet and serious man, who’s extremely professional in his craft. He’s also morally upright and respected by everyone, only to soon face tragedy. 

In particular, the hospital director who always seems to adore Yi Han offered to sponsor Seok Joo’s surgery, and thus earned the male lead’s gratitude. However, he turns out to be a conniving man who’d kill a 19-year-old man and stole his heart to save a corrupted politician, ruining everything for Yi Han, who only realized the truth when it was too late. 

doctor lawyer
Yi Han’s soon-to-be brother-in-law got his heart stolen… literally. 
doctor lawyer
A loving mother was also dragged into the scheme. 
doctor lawyer
While a blossoming love story ended in tragedy 
doctor lawyer
All because of the powerful who control society. 

Inspired by Yi Han, Seok Joo also wanted to become a surgeon to save lives. As a result, Yi Han, his mother, Seok Joo, and Seok Young were all looking forward to a bright future. However, the needs of corrupted politicians ruined everything, leaving 2 people dead and 2 survivors who felt hurt worse than anyone else. 

Meanwhile, Yi Han became the scapegoat, drowned in criticism and had his career completely ruined. However, he was unwilling to let the villains run free, and returned 5 years later as a lawyer, set out to bring the gruesome truth to life. To him, it’s not only payback but also justice: he wanted to let Seok Joo rest in peace, and save others who may suffer like the brother he one had. 

“Doctor Lawyer”: A minefield of emotions

While only 4 episodes have aired, it was enough for “Doctor Lawyer” to shower its viewers with intense emotions. There’s the hope of Seok Joo who strived to leave, hopelessness went he perished, and the desperation of  Yi Han as he was faced with the truth. 

Doctor Lawyer
“Doctor Lawyer” will bring forth intense emotions within the audience

The audience will also feel themselves consumed with anger as they watch the director Goo Jin Ki utilize Yi Han’s mother to force him to take the blame. And it got even worse, as Yi Han was the benefactor of his family, having helped correct the director’s son Goo Hyun Sung every time he fucked up during surgery. Every time these villains appear on the screen, you can’t help but loathe them, and sincerely hope for them to get right-fully deserved punishments. 

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from the enemy“, and Han Yi Han is the one who understands this best. When Yi Han was wrongly blamed for Seok Joo’s death, his coworkers, who saw with their own eyes how he successfully performed the surgery, ended up blatantly perjuring, including a person Yi Han trusted the most. At this point, viewers once again feel betrayed on behalf of the character.

doctor lawyer
It’s heartwarming to see that Yi Han still has true friends by his side 

But fortunately, Yi Han is not only surrounded by “demons disguised as humans“. In return for his good heart, a female reporter gave up her career and was willing to give herself a hard time. And there is also one person who performed the surgery with Yi Han that is not tempted by greed and chooses to stand for what is right, despite the fact that he has to live with the label of someone with a criminal record.

A well-written story, impressive acting by So Ji Sub and Shin Sung Rok

doctor lawyer
So Ji Sub’s acting in “Doctor Lawyer” is very impressive.

“Doctor Lawyer” is the drama that marks So Ji Sub’s long-awaited comeback from his hiatus, so his performance is something the public has been looking forward to. The role of Han Yi Han is challenging, but So Ji Sub nailed it. Helplessness, pain, frustration, confusion, doubt, hope…, every emotion that Han Yi Han has in each different scene is flawlessly portrayed by So Ji Sub. He once again proves that besides handsome looks, his top-tier acting is what makes him an A-list actor. 

An equally impressive cast member is Shin Sung Rok. He perfectly transforms into Jayden Lee, a player, a masterful and experienced investor. 

doctor lawyer
Shin Sung Rok plays Jayden Lee in “Doctor Lawyer” 

Im Soo Hyang plays Geum Seok Young, an upright prosecutor who is obsessed with the past. Up to now, she is doing a decent job. Viewers are looking forward to more explosive moments from her acting. 

doctor lawyer
Seok Young is expected to be the role that helps Im Soo Hyang her talent

Besides the acting of the trio So Ji Sub – Shin Sung Rok – Im Soo Hyang, “Doctor Lawyer” draws praise for its well-written plot and logical flow. Right in the early episodes, Han Yi Han fell into a series of overlapping plots. In this series of events, every detail is built and arranged in a reasonable way so that the audience does not find them unrealistic. 

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