“Snowdrop” released a still-cut of Kim Hye-yoon in a red dress, spitefully holding a gun

A “Snowdrop” still-cut of Kim Hye-yoon holding a gun has been unveiled. 

The production team of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (written by Yoo Hyun-mi / directed by Cho Hyun-tak / Produced by Drama House Studio, JTBC Studio) unveiled a still-cut of Gye Bun-ok (played by Kim Hye-yoon) wearing a bright-colored dress and holding a gun. Attention is focusing on why Bun-ok, a former telephone operator at the Ho-su Women’s University dormitory, got a gun and who she was she aiming at.

Snowdrop Kim Hye-yoon

The still photo shows Bun-ok dressed in a red beret and dress. Bun-ok’s clothes which don’t match the hostage situation and her pose of holding a gun with an angry look are drawing keen attention to what might have happened to her. In particular, “Moran Hill 1” Kang Cheong-ya (Yoo In-na), who exploded the dormitory, was standing side by side next to the Bun-ok, raising questions about what happened between those two.

Attention is also being paid to how Bun-ok will use the walkie-talkie found in the bathroom. After she fought with Sang-beom (Kim Jung-hoon), who asked her where the money was during the 9th episode, Bun-ok found a walkie-talkie dried on a tissue while looking for a hairpin that fell into the trash can. Attention is focusing on how Bun-ok, who holds a grudge over Young-ro (Jisoo) and the students at the dormitory, will use the walkie-talkie that can make emergency contact with the outside world.

In the 10th episode of “Snowdrop” which will be broadcast on Jan 15th, Han-na (Jeong Yoo-jin), who was instructed by Kang Moo (Jang Seung-jo), moves to catch evidence of secrets surrounding the hostage crisis, and the fight between Cheong-ya, who does not tolerate any suspicion, and Su-ho (Jeong Hae-in), who is doubting his party’s will.

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