Singers Who Declare War Against Stalkers And Sasaeng Fans: BTS V & Jungkook, IU And More

First of all, BTS’s V recently suffered from stalking. The police recently sent a woman in her 20s to prosecution without detention on charges of stalking at V’s home. The woman reportedly waited in front of V’s apartment and followed him into the elevator to talk to him. She escaped from the scene immediately but the police arrested her after receiving reports from the security guard. At that time, the police decided to take emergency measures, such as prohibiting A from approaching V within 100 meters and contacting him through phone calls and text messages.

bts v jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook also complained of distress caused by sasaeng fans. On a live broadcast while doing an overseas schedule last year, he straightforwardly said, “It’s annoying and scary. I’m surprised and get goosebumps all the time”, as some sasaeng fans kept calling him. Sasaeng fans even found Jungkook’s home address and sent delivery food there. Not hiding his discomfort, the male idol gave a stern warning, saying “I’ll find you through the order number on the receipts and take strong action”.

BTS’s agency Big Hit Music also announced that they would respond to stalkers who evaded artists’ privacy and threatened their safety without tolerance.

Netizens were once very shocked knowing that IU received death threats. EDAM Entertainment issued a warning and an investigative team was also dispatched to their office building and the artist’s home right after getting reports about the death threats.

Prior to that, NCT’s Jaehyun also experienced an invasion of privacy. In August, a video taken inside the hotel room where Jaehyun stayed during NCT 127’s US tour last year spread widely online. A sasaeng fan reportedly stole Jaehyun’s hotel room key and filmed the inside of the room without permission. In response, SM Entertainment asked the investigative agency to conduct a thorough investigation with cooperation from domestic and overseas law firms.

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Even underage singers were exposed to the danger of stalking. 2007-born singer Jung Dong-won, who is only 16 years old, announced strict responses against invasion of privacy through his agency Show Play Entertainment, saying “We will blacklist people engaging in sasaeng behaviors without prior notice”.

14-year-old singer Oh Yu-jin was revealed to have been stalked by a man in his 60s in 2021. At that time, her agency said, “Oh Yun-jin sued the man in his 60s for stalking and defamation”. The male stalker called himself Oh Yun-jin’s biological father and raised false rumors about Oh Yun-jin’s family. He even called Oh Yun-jin’s grandmother and visited her school and event venues, making the male singer feel uncomfortable.

In the past, the entertainment industry was hesitant to take legal action against sasaeng fans due to concerns over potential negative influence on celebrities’ reputations. However, both the artists and their agencies have changed a lot these days.

Source: Daum

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