Shownu Praised For His Quick Reaction To Audience Fainting During “Street Woman Fighter 2” Final Broadcast

Monsta X’s Shownu noticed an audience fainted during “Street Woman Fighter 2” live broadcast and responded quickly

The final stage of “Street Woman Fighter 2” was held at CJ ENM Studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, and broadcast live on October 31st. The audience filled the studio with explosive cheers for the four crew that advanced to the final. 

As the crowd pushed forward the stage to see the performance up close, a woman suddenly collapsed. At that moment, everyone was listening to Judge Monika’s comments and evaluation after the performance. Sitting next to Monika, Judge Shownu noticed the situation and quickly informed the emergency staff with a hand signal. While everyone was focusing on Monika, Shownu shone with his careful observation and quick reaction.

Receiving Shownu’s signal, the emergency staff hurriedly handed over the woman to the paramedic at the scene. Fortunately, she regained consciousness and returned to the concert hall to watch the remaining performances without any problems.

The audience at the scene that day also showed admiration for Shownu and the production team members, saying the live stage proceeded smoothly thanks to their quick emergency response.


Street Woman Fighter 2” means a lot to Shownu. Despite being the main dancer in his group, it was still burdensome for him, an idol dancer, to be the judge and evaluate professional dancers. However, he received favorable reviews from viewers throughout the show with his humble attitude and enthusiastic participation. The way he dealt with the emergency situation during the final stage also helped “Street Woman Fighter 2” achieve a successful ending without interruptions.

Meanwhile, Shownu’s group Monsta X debuted in May 2015 and has released various hit songs, such as “Gambler”, “Love Killa”, “Dramarama” and “Fantasia”. In July, Shownu and member Hyungwoon released their first unit mini-album “The Unseen”. In particular, Shownu showcased his skills as the main dancer by creating the choreography for the title song by himself.

Source: Daum

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