“Should I burn you with a curling iron?”, former girl group member criticized for “school violence” joke

Netizens criticize the conversation about "school violence" between ex-Chakra Hwangbo and comedian Yoon Sung Ho amid “The Glory” craze.

Hwangbo, a broadcaster and former member of the group Chakra, recently appeared on the Youtube channel “Pakou Bro” and talked about various things with comedian Yoon Sung Ho.


During their talk, the story of Netflix’s original series “The Glory” was suddenly brought up. Hwangbo asked Yoon Sung Ho, “Wait, have you watched ‘The Glory’?” and he replied, “Yes, I already watched it”. However, the problem was Hwangbo’s remark after then.

Hwangbo mentioned the scene where Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) used a curling iron to bully her classmate in “The Glory”. 

She asked Yoon Sung Ho, “Should I burn you with a curling iron?”. Yoon Sung Ho shook his head and asked Hwangbo, “Have you ever done that when you were in school?”.

Hwangbo denied it, saying “It’s just my image”. When asked if she had hit other kids, Hwangbo immediately repeated, “Just an image”, emphasizing that she has never committed school violence in the past.

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Hwangbo then explained, “Even when I borrowed something from other female students, I returned them the next day”, adding “The most recent person I hit was Yoon Sung Ho and it’s not school violence.”

Since “school violence” is currently a sensitive topic due to the popularity of “The Glory”, the two’s conversation made netizens frown. 

Internet users who watched the Youtube video commented, “What’s with the remark about curling iron?”, “They might have talked like that just for fun, but it’s still a broadcast”, “Why must you mention such things? It would make people hate you”, and so on.


Acknowledging viewers’ negative reactions, the Youtube channel has deleted the part in the video where the curling iron was mentioned.

Source: Insight

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