“Shooting Star” Kim Young-dae: “The acting was hard because I’m not a top star”

Actor Kim Young-dae revealed the struggle of playing a top star character.

On the afternoon of April 20th, a production announcement press conference of tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Shooting Star” (written by Choi Yeon-soo and directed by Lee Soo-hyun) was conducted online. Director Lee Soo-hyun, actors Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin, and Lee Jung-shin attended the scene to talk about this work.

Kim young dae

“Shooting Star”  is a romantic comedy that depicts the realistic stories of people who shed blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes to make the stars shine in the spotlight. The drama contains the fierce life to survive and the exciting romance of those at the forefront of the entertainment industry, including managers, public relations teams, and reporters.

In the drama, Kim Young-dae will star in the lead role for the first time in his life, playing the role of Gong Tae-sung, a superstar and the leading actor in charge of Star Force Entertainment’s sales.

Kim young dae

Kim Young-dae said, “I felt a lot of pressure, but I was able to shake off the tension and burden because there were a lot of good people around me. My goal and determination are to convey the happiness felt in this field to the viewers. So I was able to do it until the end.” He also said, “It was hard to immerse in the character because I am not a top star, but when I thought about it, there are top stars next to me. Lee Sung-kyung is already a top star, and Yoon Jong-hoon is the king of kindness. I just had to watch them and learn,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his seniors.

Kim young dae

Kim Young-dae then said of his character, “Gong Tae-sung has two aspects. I’m easy-going, funny and bubbly, and Gong Tae-sung is also easy-going. Because I’m a rookie, this is a script that I learned a lot from rather than sympathizing with. I felt more grateful to the staff around me,” he explained.

“Shooting Star” will premiere at 10:40 p.m. on April 22nd.

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