SNSD Yoona, “MBTI=ESFP… I like being taken care of, so take care of me”

Yoona revealed her MBTI.

On the 9th, Girls’ Generation member and actress Yoona‘s official YouTube channel posted a video titled “Yoong Behind | Idol Yoong with Milky Way on Eyes | Girls’ Generation – FOREVER 1 MV Behind”.

In the video, Yoona announced, “I’m going to shoot Girls’ Generation’s music video.”

In particular, while receiving makeup for a music video shoot in the waiting room, Yoona responded to the staff’s question about MBTI, saying, “I’m an ESFP. I like being taken care of.”

She went on to say, “Oh, pretty makeup” with satisfaction. Yoona also explained, “It’s the concept of filming a movie,” adding, “I’m acting inside of a music video.”

She added, “Today’s makeup concept is the Milky Way.”

In addition, Yoona said, “It’s been so long since doing a music video. Something feels strange. How long has it been?”

The caption at the end of the video wrote ‘It was a happy time to be able to spend the 15th anniversary as Girls’ Generation’, deeply touched fan .

Source: nate

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