Shin Hye Sun first appeared behind the scenes of the new movie with a shimmering visual

It’s been a long time since the audience saw Shin Hye Sun on set again.

Last October, Shin Hye Sun confirmed her comeback in the movie Brave Citizen, despite the fact that she was previously criticized for distorting Korean history in the drama, Mr. Queen. The film was finished after nearly half a year of shooting. Shin Hye Sun and the male lead Lee Jun Young also posted their very first behind the scenes photos.

Brave Citizens

Before that, Shin Hye Sun was caught a few times by passersby while one the set. In the leaked behind-the-scenes photos, the audience found that Shin Hye Sun looked quite thin, it seems that she has lost weight for this role. And indeed, in the official backstage, Shin Hye Sun looks “thinner” than when she was filming Mr. Queen. However, her beauty is still very shimmering and radiant.

Brave Citizens

Brave Citizens is an action hero movie about a citizen Si Min (Shin Hye Sun), once a rising boxing star who then became a teacher. The audience is currently looking forward to the acting as well as the action scenes of Shin Hye Sun.

Brave Citizens

Brave Citizens currently has not have a broadcast schedule.

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