Jennie says BLACKPINK’s version of hip-hop is unique, frivolous and not “real hip-hop”

Jennie shared her understanding of hip-hop in a recent interview. 

BLACKPINK is preparing for a long-awaited comeback after a hiatus that has lasted for almost two years. The girls are working hard to deliver the best outcome for fans who have been waiting for a long time.

BLACKPINK on Rolling Stone (Source: RollingStone)

BLACKPINK’s music has always been a colorful mix of interesting musical materials. What’s most outstanding about BLACKPINK’s music is the cool hip-hop vibes. In their latest interview with The Rolling Stone, the group’s main rapper Jennie spoke on her definition of hip-hop in general and BLACKPINK’s hip-hop, drawing attention. 

What Jennie said about hip-hop is gaining attention (Source: RollingStone) 

Jennie said, “I don’t think hip-hop is just about rapping. Look at Rihanna, she could make anything hip-hop. Hip-hop means something different to everyone.”

She continued, “To me, hip-hop is the spirit of cool vibes, swag, whatever words you can use. I think BLACKPINK’s hip-hop is something the world hasn’t seen before. We, 4 girls in their 20s from different backgrounds, are using Korean and English to weave pop music with a hip-hop base.”

She added she doesn’t consider the rap in BLACKPINK’s music actual hip-hop, but more fun and frivolous kind of rap, saying, “Maybe if the really cool rappers in America, who do ‘real hip-hop,’ look at us, it can seem a little like kids doing things. Our hip-hop isn’t the rebellious kind, but we are doing something very cool. What hip-hop is this? I don’t know! It’s just cool!”

Talking about BLACKPINK’s involvement in the production of their music, Jisoo revealed all 4 members always take part in the process to represent their own colors. She said, “We don’t just receive a completed song. We are involved from the beginning, building the blocks, adding this or that feeling, exchanging feedback and this process of creating makes me feel proud of our music. If we just received pre-made songs, it would feel mechanical.”

Source: Rolling Stone

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