“She changed it before marriage” New information about Lee Seung Gi’s bride-to-be Lee Da In revealed

New information about Lee Seung Gi’s bride-to-be, actress Lee Da In, has been reported.

On February 7th, Entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed, “Lee Da In changed her name ahead of her marriage.”

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Lee Da In is her stage name and her real name is Lee Joo Hee. She reportedly changed her real name to Lee Ra Yun in June of last year.

Lee Jin Ho said this is a fact confirmed based on a certified copy of the register.

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What’s surprising is that Lee Da In’s older sister, actress Lee Yoo Bi, has also changed her real name. She became Lee So Yul from Lee Yoo Jin.

Lee Jin Ho said, “The changed names of the two actresses are derived from Buddhism, their mother’s religion.”

Lee Da In and Lee Yoo Bi’s mother is actress Gyeon Mi Ri. She is known for being a devout Buddhist.

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Lee Jin Ho added, “Gyeon Mi Ri pushed for a change of name, saying that things have not worked out for her two daughters, so she changed their names for the sake of their future and peace.”  

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On February 7th, Lee Seung Gi announced that he would marry Lee Da In on April 7. He said of Lee Da In, “I want to have a warm-hearted and loving person by my side forever. I want to share joy together with her and overcome difficulties without letting go of each other’s hand.”

Source: Wikitree. 

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