Shamans Talks About “Exhuma” Actress Kim Go-eun’s Fortune, “She’s A Great Fit For Shaman Role”

Amid the popularity of “Exhuma”, real shamans commented that actress Kim Go-eun suits the job of a shaman

According to the Korean Film Council on February 27th, the cumulative number of “Exhuma” viewers has exceeded 2.62 million. The film has been ranking No.1 in the Korean box office since its release on February 22nd.

In this film, Kim Go-eun plays the role of shaman Lee Hwa-rim. Following the virality of “Exhuma”, some real shamans shared fortune-telling videos on YouTube and showed interest in the actress.


A, a shaman on the YouTube channel “Yonghada”, said, “She’s destined to live as a colorful flower”, adding “She’s a woman, but she was born with a lot of luck. She is destined to live with her fanaticism. There are so many characters in her body”.

A continued, “She plays the role of such an abnormal person in ‘Goblin’ very naturally”, adding “She’s a great fit for this role. It was very good of her to choose the role of a shaman in ‘Exhuma’”.

Another shaman, B, also uploaded a video about Kim Go-eun on YouTube. They said, “This person (Kim Go-eun) was born with great acting skills. If she doesn’t become a celebrity, she will definitely have the spirit of God”.

B added, “On the outside, she’s a soft and girly woman, but inside, she seems to be over 50 in acting. That’s why she was able to express her innermost through acting very well”.

Source: Nate

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